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Access to Justice and Human Rights for all

Our story

The Human Rights Protection Council for Social Justice (H.R.P.C.S.J)  was established on 12 October, 1993. The statute under which it is established is the Protection of Human Rights Act (PHRA), 1993 as amended by the Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Act, 2006.

Message from Prasanna Kummar Talluri Founder President HRPCSJ

We are pleased to welcome you to Human Rights Protection Council for Social Justice website.

Human Rights Protection Council for Social Justice (HRPCSJ) is an expression of the national tradition of tolerance in all cultures that form the basis of peace and progress.

HRPCSJ is based on the philosophy of HUMAN RIGHTS. “Vasudhika Kutumbam” (The whole world is family but it is not related to the certain religion.)” All human beings are born equal and free.

Check the Knowledebase Topic

1.1  To establish, develop, maintain schools, colleges, libraries, universities, laboratories, skill development centers, competition, preparation centers, yoga and spiritual centers, sports training centers, vocational training centers, research and other institutions for the development and advancement of education and diffusion of knowledge among the public in general.
1.2 To establish, maintain and run studentship, scholarship, and award program and render another kind of aid to students including the supply of study materials, books, stipend, medals and other incentives.
1.3  To organize a program for the promotions of pre-primary education, nonformal education, computer and information technologies, leadership development techno-entrepreneurship development educational, infrastructure research and development, socio-scientific research, management.
1.4 Publish study-materials, magazine, books, information materials, journals, produce the film, T.V. serials, documentaries, audio-video cassettes on burning social, educational and scientific issues.

2.1  To undertake, establish, assist, organize or conduct the programme of research, management and infrastructure development in the field of health and family welfare.
2.2 To establish, organize, run or maintain Hospital, Nursing Home, Care and Care Centres, Medical education and research centre in State-of-the art.
2.3 To undertake, organize, establish or run the medical education center, college and research cetnre.
2.4 To undertake awareness, prevention, surveillance, screening, management health systems and research programmes on Maternal and Child survival, communicable diseases like Malaria, Hepatitis, Leprosy, Meningitis, HIV/AIDS, STD, T.B., Dengue, Non-communicable diseases like Cancer, Heart Diseases, Respiratory Diseases, Diabetes, Mellitus, Injuries etc. Health Insurance, Population control etc.
2.5 To establish and run Drug De-addiction center and undertake rehabilitation programme for drug-abuse. Also organize awareness programme for the control of drug-menace and abuse.

3.1 To conduct and undertake the research of technologies advancement, productivity enhancement, cost effectiveness technologies and methodologies in the field of agriculture, allied industries, cottage industries, veterinary and co-operatives.
3.2 To conduct awareness and exposition programme of appropriate and low cost technologies agriculture.
3.3 Conduct the programmes to ensure nutrition security, safe food processing and standardization.
3.4 To conduct intensive research in the field of fisheries, aquaculture, poultry, dairying, investock, sheep and goat, horticulture, floriculture, aromatic and medicinal plants, fruits, hybrid vegetables, mushroom etc. and land the benefit of research.
3.5 To carryout study, research and development activities for water management, irrigation, fertilizer, farm mechanism, bio-technology, integrated pest management method.
3.6 To make the market-mechanism most favourable to the farmers. To develop the infrastructure for the easy and safe delivery of agro-products. Also establish and run financial Institution for the benefit of agriculture and allied industries-related people.
3.7  To form and patronize self help group (S.H.G.) for the promotion of micro-credit and optimum financial benefit to the rural people..

4.1 To undertake all programmes for ensuring social accountability in conservation, preservation and control to the environment, forest, wild life.
4.2 To undertake awakening and intervention programmes for enforcement of environmental law, Access to environmental information, town and country planning, integrated pollution control, atmospheric pollution, waste management, water pollution, sound pollution, exeretadisposal sedimentation and coagulation, treatment and disposal of sewage and silage, bio-gas, water treatment methods and other nature conservation programmes.
4.3 To organize and run special sanitation and environment protection programmes for Hospital, Fair, Melas, places of Pilgrimage, Railway Stations, Bus stands, Canteens, Hotels, Industrial ergonomics.

5.1 To promote education, training and research programmes in Rural Management and generate a Human Resource Force to settle the needs of people in rural areas.
5.2 To organize, conduct, sponsor, the intensive programme on Rural housing, Rural finance, Marketing mechanism infrastructure development, Cottage and small scale industries development, co-operative and cooperation, Integrated wasteland Development, Technology Development Extension and training programme, Investment Promotion Schemes for the promotion of rural infrastructure, watershed and water management and unutilized resource development programme, welfare and strengthening programme for marginal and underprivileged farmers, promotion of cost effective technologies, rural sanitation including low-cost latrines.
5.3 To work, associate and/or act as implementing agency in Swarn Jayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana, Samagra Awas Yojana and other developmental programme run by Government/ agencies.

Check the Knowledebase Topic

6.1 To undertake, assist manage, organize the all programmes of urban development particularly public health engineering, slum community rehabilitation and development, civic amenities and public services, town planning, master plan preparation and implementation, water and hydrometric studies, research and management, sewerage and waste management.
6.2 To establish and art of state center for education, training, and research in Urban Planning and development.

7.1 To carryout all the programmes for the relief, rehabilitation, welfare and development of women in destitute, old-aged, handicapped, street children and child labour, widow, orphan, beggar, sex-worker, schedule caste, schedule tribes, backward and other under privileged people.
7.2 To undertake and run the integrated programme on street children rehabilitation, juvenile justice, adoption resource, agency, social defence, civil defence, old age home/ multi service center, center of legal awareness, aids and rights, treatment and rehabilitation of addicts, persons with disabilities, coaching and allied assistance, construction of hostel building and other infrastructure for complete rehabilitation centre, vocational training centers, women empowerment, animal welfare, stop prostitution, eradication of poverty.

8.1 Promotion of Human Rights literacy & awareness in the educational system more widely in society.
8.2 Human Rights training for the armed forces & police, public authorities civil society, & students.
8.3 Research through well known academic institutions & NGO’s on various issues relating to Human Rights.
Publication of annual report, monthly newsletter, annual journal, & research studies.
Consultation with NGO’s & experts/specialists on Human Rights Issues.

9.1 To carry out all the programmes/ projects for the awakening of national integration, communal harmony, co-operation and co-operative behaviour attitude development, moral and social habit development in the youth and to ensure participation in the development of nation and humanity.

9.2 To organize and install infrastructure for the promotion of sports, yoga, meditation among youths.

10.1 Promotion of Human Rights literacy & awareness in the educational system more widely in society.

10.2 Human Rights training for the armed forces & police, public authorities civil society, & students.

10.3 Research through well known academic institutions & NGO's on various issues relating to Human Rights. Publication of annual report, monthly newsletter, annual journal, & research studies. Consultation with NGO's & experts/specialists on Human Rights Issues.

Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

D.No: 4-6-17/1, Kamal's Castle,Savarkar Nagar,Nacharam x roads, Hyderabad - 500076

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